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10706 NW Lakeshore Ave. Suite 110 Vancouver, WA. 98685
Main Line: (Call or Text) 360.695.0474

By booking, you authorize The Locksmythe Hair Salon & Barbershop to charge your credit card a no-show fee of up to 100% of the scheduled value should you miss your visit without proper 24 hour in advance notification.

Barber Amber Victoria: (Call or Text) 360.610.0231
Barber / Stylist Garrett Olmstead: (Call or Text) 360.901.5761
Stylist Becca Olmstead: (Call or Text) 360.601.2631
Stylist Rachel Christensen: (Call or Text) 360.450.8930
Stylist Candide Frenchie: (Call of Text) 281.758.9631
Stylist Kelsey Legato: (Call or Text) 360.910.0289